Tuesday, January 1, 2019

One Word

A few years ago I was introduced to the idea of One Word as your vision for the year.  If you are familiar with Jon Gordon, author of The Energy Bus, you will know what I am talking about.  You are to pick one word that will be your driving force for the year.  One word that will keep you focused!  One word that will help shape your life and the people you live with and work with!  
I found it is rather difficult to pick one word.  I have a good friend who has done this for a number of years and it seems she comes up with this great word every time!  In my head I'm thinking, "If I use her word, am I being a copycat?"  So, I decided to really follow the plan this year in choosing my word.  The plan tells you to do 3 things:
Look IN--to prepare your heart.
Look UP--to discover your word.
Look OUT--to live your word.

So I started to really look IN.  I kept thinking what is it in my heart that I desire to focus on.
I narrowed it down to a few things: my faith, my family, my health, my career.
Wow!  That didn't seem so narrowed down when I really thought about it.  It pretty much encompassed my life!  That is when I went a little crazy and thought maybe I needed to have my 
SERIOUSLY---then I might as well set some New Year's Goals that I can keep for a month!
I decided to ponder it---asking God for some direction.
Well, I got direction while being the nursery attendant during church.
My word came to me as clear as could be:
2018 was a year when I found out that I had a health concern (diabetic!).
(I wrote about this in an earlier blog post.)
So, I needed to start developing some new HABITS in my life.  This doesn't just happen overnight! Oh, I have some habits, but these are probably ore in the "bad habit" category!
So, how does one go about creating "good habits"?
I figured I better do some research to which Google showed me more sites and books then I could possibly go through in a YEAR!  I decided that as a school counselor I have some background in this area anyway.  So, using my current knowledge and choosing a few pointers that I picked up in various reliable articles, I came up with a plan.
First, I'm going to plan out my day.  Try to get a routine going.  I have this somewhat established so it shouldn't be too difficult to refine and really be deliberate about keeping the schedule.

Next, find my 'tribe' to be accountable to.  For me, this includes my husband, daughters and close friends. (plus my 'twinkie'---alias for twin sister!) Having accountability people can really help a person stay on course.  Choose people who will be honest with you but also that you can really trust.  AND those who you are willing to take constructive suggestions from. 
Like I said, people from your 'tribe'.

I need to put into my plan those choices that will keep me on the path to developing new habits.  It seems one of my 'landmines' that destroys my goals and accomplishments is trying to do too many things at once.  This is true for many of us---we just fill out 'plate' too full with commitments.  We seem to think that if we say "No" to something, that we won't measure up for some reason.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  It's like self-sabotaging!
So let's just get real and do what we can---stop 'shoulding' on ourselves.
You know, "Oh, I should do this or I should do that!"
Or we believe others when they tell us what we 'should' do!

Finally, CELEBRATE!  Celebrate accomplishments!  Celebrate when I feel success like it becomes just a part of my life!  That is when I will have developed new lifelong habits.

Now that I have my word---and my plan---I need to make it visible.
The bathroom mirror that I look in every morning!
Painting a rock with my word on it and keeping it on my desk!
I"m not really into tattoos, but writing it on my wrist where I will see it as a reminder is something I have found helpful!
If you don't have a word, try thinking about one.  What word would you want to have as a focus for your life as you enter 2019?

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