Friday, October 19, 2018

Will you teach me that?!

My 6th-grade students were so excited to teach a person they had been randomly paired with something new.  The first part of the assignment was meeting with their partner and talking about what they could possibly teach each other, coming up with some skill they had that their partner didn't have.  I enjoyed hearing things such as, "That sounds cool!  I would like to learn how to do that!"  And so....the fun began.  Note the pictures below with some of the learning that took place.
 Card games seemed to be a popular choice.

 Learning how to braid hair!
 How to show a "stuffed" pig.
 Face painting with Ashley from ISU Extension and Outreach!
 Our superintendent Mr. Boer stopped by and showed a couple of magic tricks with a deck of cards! 
We sure didn't know he had that skill up his sleeve!
 Friendship bracelets.
 More card games!
 This pig got a real workout!
Making slime!
 A new game to learn!
 Cutting stone.
 How to make a snowflake from paper.
 Video games aren't the only thing we play!  Loved learning new card games.
Do we look like Ice Princesses?  Thanks for your creative work Macy!
 How to speak French!
Tap dancing!  Addy, can you get Aaron ready for Dancing With the Stars?

 Cole is the 'flossing' king!  I thought I was the only one who hadn't conquered that skill!
Marco teaching Alexis some Spanish.

 Sign language.
 Friends painting each other!
Lego kits.

I think we should do this more often.  I really saw the kdis connecting with each other.  This was one of our Harmony lessons which teach Social-Emotional Learning.  I had made the rule that they couldn't use a computer or any type of electronic device.  It seems they discovered that they have so many other ways to have fun and share their skills.  WAY TO CONNECT KIDS!

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