Thursday, April 5, 2018

Julia Cook Visits AGAIN!!! I can't get enough of Julia Cook visits.
It all started when I called her up about 8 years ago after getting my first Julia Cook book!
I actually got 3 at an ISCA Conference I attended.
Personal Space Camp, Volcano Mouth and Bubble Wrap Queen.
As I was reading them on the way home from the conference, I discovered that this author who I had never met was from Fremont, Nebraska.  So, I decided to call her up and ask her if she did school visits.  The rest is history!  That became a yearly 'thing' for our school.
And the best part, it became the beginning of a great friendship.

These kids were so glad to see Julia.  They met her when they were in kindergarten!  Now they are 8th graders and they are definitely not too "cool" for Julia!  (They were actually sad they couldn't come to the assembly today!)

I love how she teaches the kids through her books.  Here she is explaining the difference between listening and hearing.  AND why it is important to listen to their teachers and parents!  (I need a pair of those ears!)

I love ALL of Julia's books....but I think the one I was so glad she shared with our kids today was "The Technology Tail...A Digital Footprint Story".  I hear kids talking all the time about sharing on their social media....and it isn't always good.  Julia stressed to the kids that whatever they send through social media leaves a footprint digitally.  It stays connected to them forever!  Here are the points for parents and kids from her book:
1.) Go online with your children.  See what they are using for social media and what websites they are visiting.  
2. Monitor online access by placing the family computer in a central location and limiting the use of smartphones, tablets and laptops to public spaces in the home.  Setting time limit boundaries and content boundaries is essential.
3.) Unplug and recharge ALL digital devises during family routines, such as mealtime and bedtime.  If a child uses his or her smartphone as an alarm, replace it with an inexpensive alarm clock.
4.) Tell and continually remind children never to post personal information on social networking sites.
5.) Explain, remind and reinforce this safety rule:  Never meet face-to-face with someone you only know from the internet.  AND if someone asks to meet you, tell a parent, older sibling, teacher or trusted adult.

We are a Growth Mindset school at S-O so Bubble Gum Brain was a true hit!  This book talks about the difference between a bubble gum brain that stretches or a brick brain that just stays the same!  The kids loved the characters that depicted the difference between someone who has growth mindset and someone who has a fixed mindset.  I enjoyed working with Julia on an activity guide to go along with this book with great activities to help kids learn to use growth mindset thinking!

If you haven't checked out Julia's latest books, be sure to visit her website and see all she has to offer!  I always call her "The Book Machine" because she always has a new one or two ready to come out!  THANKS Julia for teaching us with your books!  
We love you!

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