Saturday, February 17, 2018

Using Leadership Skills to ESCAPE!!!

We just finished our second round of Ricochet.  This is a Leadership program from our ISU Extension and Outreach.  I love to use our local resources and the students and I have totally enjoyed having Ashley Peters, ISU County Youth Coordinator, come on board and allow me to co-teach this with her.  I like refer to the two of us as "The Daring Duo" because we seem to really mesh when it comes to planning and carrying out this program.  Ricochet has 5 components:
Leadership Definition
Leadership Attitude
Decision Making 
Stress Management

We started our year off with 6 weeks of Ricochet Part 1, doing activities in each of the 5 components.  The activities in Ricochet aren't your typical classroom type of learning.  We enjoyed in the beginning of the year being able to go outside to do many of our activities in the school yard.  Ricochet Part 2 has been equally awesome.

We decided to celebrate the ending of Part 2 with an escape room.  This  would require the students to work in teams and put into practice all the skills they have learned so far.  We have 4 sections of Leadership 101 (5th grade Counselor in the Classroom) so it was important to have 4 different escape rooms because they love to share with each other what they did in class.  Now that would just ruin the fun if they knew the answers!  I found some great escape room activities on Teachers Pay Teachers from Pathway 2 Success.  These fun activities were easy to assemble and get ready for my classes.  You can check them out right here.

Here they are trying to figure out the code so they could ESCAPE!  It was great to hear comments such as:
"This is hard!"
"I think you are on to something!  Keep going!"
"Don't get stressed!"
"We can do this!"
"This is fun!"

I loved seeing how hard they were having to think!  Problem solving as a team really made it interesting also.  They discovered how well they could use their leadership skills they learned during our Ricochet lessons.
The products I used are all in this bundle (click here), but can be purchases separately as well.  

THANKS TO KELLY from Pathway 2 Success! for the great bundle!

So....we had to say "See you later!" to Ashley.  She will be back though in April when we dive into Ricochet 3!  We can't wait!