Monday, February 6, 2017

National School Counseling Week 2017!

I love National School Counseling Week because it is the week I really focus (more than normal) on all the ways school counseling can help students.  I start my year off with lessons telling students what my role is and how I can help them.  This week is that "reminder" for them as well as our staff and parents.  So for this week my "buzz word" is ADVOCATE!

I am sharing this video from my "archives"!  Made this one a few years back and since I couldn't come up with a new parody for this year, get this one!

It is easy to focus on the STUDENTS because they are our primary goal!  We also see them every day so it would be pretty hard to forget what we need to do for our kiddos!

Supporting staff is what I love to do most for them.  It comes in many forms:  helping a student, special request on a topic they need addressed in the classroom, problem solving on how to help a student, just being a part of their school team!

I try my best to keep my administration informed of what I am doing in the counseling program.  There is always that list of wants we have for our program and it is hard to justify it if they don't know what we are currently doing.  One thing I have done this year is to start using SCUTA, which has been a great way to show how my time is being used.

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