Saturday, February 6, 2016

What is your story?

I had my one week check up, after surgery #2, at the podiatrist on Thursday.   My husband offered to take me but I gave him the day off because he has been such a good caretaker!  So, my sister-in-law took me.  Get two gals in a car for a one hour ride  and there isn't a quiet moment, just sayin'!  After the 10 minute appointment I suggested we go get some "real" food--no fast food this trip!  So I suggested Applebee's---easy in and easy out since I'm using a walker at the time being.

We were seated at a table and Charlie showed up as our server.  Friendly young guy who Deb and I guessed to be about 20 tops.  Charlie was very good at his job.  I saw how he was interacting with the small child at the next table---good people skills!  By the time we finished our meal and Charlie stopped by to see if we were ready for our bill, I couldn't help but ask him a question.  "Charlie, what's your story?"
Well, I got the whole story!
Charlie told how he had been a rebellious kid.  Grew up in Florida until him and his dad moved to the midwest.  His dad was a tough love parent which at the time he didn't appreciate.  Charlie made some poor choices and eventually ended up at Boys Town.  He was in a relationship and had 2 daughters.  It didn't last.  After 4 years of being sober he was able to reconnect with his daughters.  He is soon to be married and has a young son with his fiance.  Life is good right now for Charlie but he sure went through some tough times.  On our way our I asked Charlie one last question, "What church do you go to Charlie?"  He told me he was Catholic and I told him to make sure he makes attending church a priority for his family.  He told me he would and that without his dad's tough love and his faith he wouldn't be where he is today.
Wow!  What a story! didn't stop there that day.
I was waiting with my walker in the entry way for Deb to get the car and pick me up.  An elder lady came in and was waiting for someone who had just dropped her off.  Yep, you got it, I had to talk to her.  "Well hi, how are you today?"
She responded that she was doing much better.  She went on to say that she had moved to the city recently so her daughter could help take care of her.  She was feeling much better since she got her pacemaker.  
"That is so good", I responded.
She then shared how she had suffered 2 heart attacks since April.  She shared how they had lost her after the second one and had to bring her back.
"So you have been to the other side?"  I asked.
"Oh yes.  I saw angels.  They were beautiful.  And I can't even put into words how beautiful everything was that I saw."
Seriously.  This isn't something you can make up!
I told her she had an important story to share with others and she agreed.
As I got to Deb's car she asked, "Now who were you talking to?"
I told her, "You aren't even going to believe this one!"

So, what's your story?