Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I Hope You Dance!

Let me introduce you to Olivia!  She is one of our 5th grade students and is a pretty awesome girl.  I think a perfect nickname for her would be "SmileMaker" because everyone who meets her in the hall or class at school can't help but smile.  I love to see her reach the goals she is working on at school.  When she is walking in her walker you can see the determination in her face.  
(Olivia in the Wax Museum in 4th grade.)

And I would argue all day with anyone who might think she doesn't know what is going on...she does.
I love it when she gets that sneaky little look in her eye followed by her contagious laugh.  She loves to tell jokes by pushing the speaking button.  It's great to have conversations with Olivia.
Well, Olivia celebrated another first:
Dance Clinic!
It required help from her associates that work with her at school---they stayed after to make sure all her needs were being met.
Olivia got to interact with friends from her class and the high school dance team coaches and members.
But Olivia wasn't the only one to celebrate the first!
It was a first for the dance team to experience dancing with someone with Olivia's needs.  They made it happen!
The other participants learned that anything is possible.
It just takes team work!  It takes determination!
It takes empathy and wanting to look pass limitations.
She taught us something:

"when you get the choice to sit it out or dance,  
I hope you dance!" 
from Leann Womack's song "I Hope You Dance"

Thanks for making the choice to dance!  
Thanks for teaching us all to take the chance!
Love you Olivia!