Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Celebrating Mistakes!

It seems we get so upset with ourselves when we make a mistake.  And WHY?  
People make mistakes all the time....that is how we learn. 
Think of all the things you have learned from making a mistake:
*learning to stand on your own
*feeding yourself
*riding a bike
*dressing yourself
These were all by the time most of went off to school.

For some people it is easier to run from their mistakes than use them as an opportunity to learn.  After all, isn't learning from our mistakes or failures where we have the opportunity to better our skills or knowledge?  You bet it is.
So let's come to an agreement:
Let's stop beating ourselves up when we make a mistake!
Let's take that moment to step back and say,
"Rats!  That didn't work out the way I planned!"

I think the following video clip is a great way to sum it all up---enjoy!