Monday, February 29, 2016

Back to Work!

This was the day I have been waiting for!
After missing over half of the school days in January and every school day in February, I was beyond ready to go back to school following my 2 foot surgeries.  I have not walked on my left foot since Dec. 18 when I walked into surgery.  Things didn't go as planned and rolled into a second surgery on January 29.  I didn't exactly walk in today either---I rolled in on my knee scooter.  I was greeted by all the kids lined up outside chanting, "Mrs. K! Mrs. K! Mrs. K!"  I always tell people if they want to feel like a rock star, become an elementary school counselor!  I had to hurry in because I was actually tearing up---love those kiddos!  I will try to get a pic tomorrow!

I have been using my time to accomplish some things that had been on my school bucket list.  First was working on my Parent University videos.  I have 3 accomplished and working on the next one.  I have also been working on products to put on my TpT store, which has the same name as my blog!  My store opened on February 9 when I uploaded my first product, Character Posters.  As of today I have sold 11 of my products and given away my free products to 152 people!  WOWZA!!! Now that makes me excited!
So, to celebrate going back to work I decided to throw a sale!  If you are a teacher, counselor or anyone who wants to share my store with the educators in your life, I would really appreciate it!

Click HERE to go to Mrs. K's Good Stuff TpT store.