Friday, February 5, 2016

Attitude Check!

Julia Cook does it once again by giving us a book that addresses a topic which can sometimes be a bit tricky to deal with.  Bad Attitude, or as Julia has coined the term Baditude!

What is it that makes us have a baditude?
Is it things that happen to us?  Or our environment?  Maybe our personality.
To be honest, it has to do with our we view circumstances or events.
I'm sure you have had an experience where the way you react to something is totally different than a friend or someone else.  You might brush it off and the other person may get very bothered by it.
How about someone cutting you off when you are driving?
For some people, it can ruin their whole day, or even longer than a day.
A baditude can take over your whole mindset if you allow it to.
If you are like me (and most people) you don't really enjoy being around people with a bad attitude.  I used to call these types of people toxic.  Not enjoyable at all.
The sad thing is when that negativism rubs off on others.  Lose:lose for everyone concerned.
Julia presents to us in the Baditude book that we need to turn our "have to's" into "get to's".  It is changing our mindset into more positives.  We look at what we are grateful for.  Pick 3 gratitudes a day and you will be amazed at how that can turn a baditude around!

I enjoyed reading this book to my students and they totally got it!  We talked about how sometimes we think our life stinks---too much homework, chores, putting up with a younger sibling, etc.
Then we turned our thinking from "have to's" into "get to's".  It was fun to listen to the great ideas them came up with.
I put the activities I wrote together into an activity packet and have accomplished one of my goals of opening up my TpT store.  Check out the Baditude Activity Packet and have fun working with changing the bad attitude mindset.