Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Parent University; What type of parent are you?

Have you ever watched another parent and wondered, "How do they do it?  They seem to know the perfect things to say and how to handle their kids!  AND their kids actually listen to them!  What am I doing wrong?"
Well, I have thought that.  I spent a week at a Love and Logic conference and came home with my eyes opened!  I was introduced to the 3 different types of parents.

Drill Sergeant:
Yep, been there, done that!
Usually when I am stressed, tired or feel like I have used every tool in my parenting toolbox.
Demanding, barking out orders, having to do things MY way!
Not good for the parent child relationship!
Not good for creating a responsible child because the parent is always robbing from their child the opportunity to make decisions and think for themselves.

Helicopter Parent:
Yep!  I flew a BIG helicopter!
Wanting to make sure my child didn't feel bad.  Rescue them by taking care of any types of problems they may be experiencing.  Running shoes, band instruments or other items forgotten to school for your child.  (speaking from experience here!)
Make the decisions for the child.  Provides message of weakness and low personal worth.

The Consultant Parent (also known as the Love and Logic Parent)
I love it when I am working this type of parenting.
This parent prays that their child will make mistakes when the price tag is small.
Hopefully they will have learned from the consequences of their mistakes so when they are
older and the price tag of the bad choices is older, they will have learned.
These parents help guide a child to look at their choices but lets the child make the decision.
They also let the child experience the consequence.

Are you wondering which parent role you fill?  It is hard to break some of those habits
if you are a drill sergeant or a helicopter parent, but it can be done.  I am adding my latest Parent University video below.  Take a few minutes to watch it and then check out more info at loveandlogic.com

Thanks for joining me!