Sunday, January 10, 2016

Parent University: Getting kids to listen the first time

Parent University is something I have offered at various times during my school counseling career.  I love working with kids in school.  They bring smiles to my face and joy to me every day!  I also enjoy working with parents of my students.  When parents, teachers, and counselors work together, students win.
So let me tell you about my newest venture.
I met with my principal to set my professional goal for the year.  I was struggling to narrow it down to how I could really meet the needs of my students that was different than what I had done in the past.  He suggested that it had been a few years since I had taught a Love and Logic class for parents and that it might be good to offer it again.  I guess I had been dragging my feet on this because my Love and Logic partner retired a couple years ago and I know she is quite busy in her retirement.  It was so much fun teaching it with her that I wasn't sure I wanted to go solo on this.  It is also very difficult to find a night where there are no conflicts with other events, for 7 weeks straight!  My principal suggested I do some videos.  I think he knows I enjoy this and it would be a great way to reach a bigger audience.  PLUS I can collect data on how many views I get, comments, as well as parents reaching out for more info.

I have a few topics lined up and will be posting them weekly for hopefully the next few months.  My goal is to keep them short and to the point.  That way parents don't feel like they need to find a half hour or more to watch them.  Quick, to the point and a tip or new skill that they can try out on their children.

So, I now present my first Parent University video:  Getting kids to listen the first time!

I do need to add this disclaimer:
I am not the parent of the year!
I have learned from making many mistakes.

You can find more info on Love and Logic .