Saturday, January 23, 2016

It's Not TERMINAL!!!

So I had a bunionectomy (a bunion removed) a month ago.  My foot hurt most of  the time and decided it was time to take care of it.  For some reason I thought if I had it the last day of school before Christmas vacation, I would be ready to go back to part days when school started back up.  Probably would have worked except for the iPad I dropped right on my foot the day I returned.  My check up 4 days later showed that the bone had shifted---yep, sure did!  That meant I needed to stay off the foot, which I did for one week!  I got a little stir crazy not being able to go out of the house much and not being around my school kiddos.  
So, make the most of it, right?!  I decided to get my Parent University videos going, which I did.  Then I decided to work on some activities which I could use with my students based on some of the books I use.  At this point I have one completely finished and ready to put on TpT  (more sharing on that later).
Finally, my week of pampering my foot like a newborn came to an end---get to work Laurel!
So, back I went.  Loved seeing the kids and checking in with the teachers.  Tried my hardest to catch up with the kiddos that needed some one on one time with me.  BUT by day 3 of being back I left school in PAIN!  My Prince (nickname for hubby who has been great at taking care of me!) took me back to the doctor to find out that the bone shifted further!  SERIOUSLY!!!  Now the doctor's orders were "Go home and STAY OFF the foot---get the swelling down!  And come back on Monday and let's take another look at it!"  Okay, 5 days and we will meet again to see how the foot (which I am ready to name but haven't come up with a good one yet!) is doing.

So, where am I going with this?
Well, I teach kids to have a Growth Mindset---to look at the bright side, be positive, 
have an attitude of gratitude---but I will be honest, I have been struggling to stay out of the "Self-Pity Party" thinking.  Back to the "Mommalies"--My mom always said the following:
"It's not so bad that it couldn't be worse!"
"You can always find someone who has it worse than you do."
"What are you whining about?"
I am actually glad those words stick in my mind, they keep me grounded.
I decided I needed to give myself a little "kick in the tush" and come up with a mantra to keep me from losing my JOY---so, here it is:

You know, there are so many people out there struggling with all kinds of things!
Keep your head up when things happen that can get you down!
Don't let your JOY escape you and end up falling into the pit of PITY!!!