Friday, May 15, 2015

Growth Mindset in ACTION---Alex Style!

When tragic life changing things happen, it can be very easy to give up.  Excuses for not continuing toward our goals can creep into our lives and take over.  When this happens, the following happens:
we hurt ourselves,
we limit ourselves,
we cheat ourselves,
we deny ourselves,
we cripple ourselves.

Alex Watters is a young man who experienced a life changing event.  The time of his life was the beginning of his freshman year in college.  He was home for the weekend and visiting friends.  After a fun evening of sitting around the bonfire by the lake, some of his friends went in the house to change out of their swimsuits.  Alex and the younger brother of one of his friends went on to play a little frisbee and headed out onto  the dock.  All of a sudden a gust of wind came up and took his cap right off his head and into the lake.  Alex quickly whipped off his t-shirt to dive in, thinking the water was deep enough.  Unfortunately, it was 18 inches deep.  He shared with the students, "I thought this was it.  I kept thinking I had 18 good years to be thankful for."  That wasn't the end that day for Alex.  It was a new beginning.  Not what he had expected.  He share with the kids that his motto is "Keep Moving Forward"!  He shared how having a GROWTH MINDSET has helped him achieve so many things in life from working for the president to helping college freshman in his current job as a freshman advisor at Morningside College.  The video below has a little of what Alex shared.  Alex shared with our middle school students this week and they are still talking about him.  He made an impact.  I would rate him in my top 3 assembly speakers I have heard during my school career.

We all have challenges and events that change what we may have had planned for our lives.  It could be a health issue or something else beyond our control.  I am sure we can all think of people we have encountered who persevered in the wake of change.  That is what Growth Mindset is all about.
Thanks Alex!