Friday, April 10, 2015

Chocolate Milk, Por Favor Official Book Trailer by Maria Dismondy

Welcome to Mrs. K's Good Stuff!  AND do I have something good to share with you today!  Author Maria Dismondy has been at it again and brought to us yet another one of her awesome books that teach kids all about good character.   Chocolate Milk, Por Favor! Celebrating Diversity with Empathy is a great read for kids of all ages and a great reminder for adults too.  Who would ever think that chocolate milk would be the thing that helps play a role in bringing friends together.  

I shared Maria's book with my students at the elementary and they loved it.  My Spanish speaking kiddos thought it was pretty cool that we learned to say something in "their language".  The kids were very quick to point out that leaving someone out because they were different from the others was not being a good friend.   We talked about putting ourselves in someone else's shoes and how we would feel---it's all about empathy.  When I asked the kids in preschool what they thought about the story, they all gave the 2 Thumbs Up! signal!  One little girl even said, "I give it 10 Thumbs Up!" as she held up all 10 fingers!  LOVE IT!!!

You can check out Maria's book trailer below:

Be sure to stop by Maria's website to find the link for a readers guide for this book (actually, all of her books have readers guides, so be sure to check them all out).  It is packed full of activities for all ages.  If you are NOT a teacher and reading this page, be sure to share this information with your child's teacher or school counselor!  
I want to thank Maria for stopping by today with her new book and giving us a chance for us to talk about diversity and empathy.  

If you would like a chance to win a copy of 
Chocolate Milk, Por Favor! ,
leave a comment below on why you think it is important to teach both diversity and empathy to children.  Thanks for stopping by.  Now I'm off to have a glass of leche chocolate, por favor and gracias!

More Maria Info:

Other great books by Maria include:
Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun teaches children to respect each other's differences while dealing with adversity with self-confidence and courage.

The Juice Box Bully, co-written by Bob Sornson and Maria, shows children that strength can come in numbers.  By encouraging community in Mr. Peltzer’s classroom, children help a new student learn the ropes.

Pink Tiara Cookies for Three focuses on a subtle type of bullying. When teasing happens between friends, especially a group of three friends.

The Potato Chip Champ is all about empathy. Empathy is what Maria believes to be the cure for our bullying epidemic. 

Spoonful of Sweetness is her first baby board book. It's a step Maria has taken towards early intervention, in addition to speaking to children about empathy. This book is for children from birth to preschool, and is also available as a digital app.

Spaghetti In A Hot Dog Bun (The Children's Musical!) is now onstage and touring to schools and theaters across the country.

I have ALL of Maria's books!  They are a great resource for this school counselor.  Check them out at Amazon.