Friday, February 6, 2015

School Counseling Week--Day 4 & 5

Should have planned ahead and had these all written and ready to post, but, well you know how it goes.
Day 4 was spent in the classroom pretty much all day.  I missed my 2nd grade classes on Wednesday and wanted to make up that time so we squeezed them in on Thursday.
We started our hands for the Kindness Challenge world record.  It was so fun to see the kids get excited about kindness!  We were invited to do this because we participated in The Great Kindness Challenge Week sponsored by Kids for Peace.  Can't wait to see all the finished hands decorated and ready to mail off!

Today was about TEAMWORK in 4th grade.  We tried building a house of cards a couple weeks ago.  It didn't get real far except flat!  So, I decided to show them the only thing I could think of as a tutorial which was of course The Brady Bunch episode where they built a card house.  (How come we don't have good shows like this on TV anymore?)  After watching, the kids decided to work as a class building the house of cards.  I think if we were snowed in at school, this would keep them busy all day because they love a challenge!

I got to thinking that TEAMWORK is what makes a school counseling program work!  I am so grateful that the wonderful people I work with help me in helping kids!  
Bus drivers let me know if there are kids having trouble getting along on the bus or maybe who don't want to get on the bus.  Custodians build relationships with kids by taking time to help them out if something isn't working right even if they take them on as a junior janitor!
Secretaries greet kids and help solve problems when they need to get in contact with a parent.
The school nurse sand I work very closely together---repeat visitors usually have something going on from anxiety to issues with other kids or at home.
Teacher associates seem to be the ones who get bombarded at recess with all types of problems from seeing kids having difficulty finding friends to anger issues.
Teachers know their kiddos so well that they can tell if something isn't right.  That is when we work together to figure out what is going on and what type of help they need.
Principals are the ones who follow up with discipline so the counselors are not put in that role.

I am also grateful that I get to work with 3 of my sisters in the same building I work in!  Cool or what?!
Today I twisted my twin sisters arm to let her 2nd grade class be a part of the music video I was working on.  I love writing parodies that can tell others about what I teach or do.  Thanks kids for being in the video during your milk break today!
I hope you enjoy the video too!