Tuesday, February 3, 2015

School Counseling Week--Day 2

Today my word is MINDSET.  There is so much out there right now that discusses mindsets.  As counselors (and my fellow educators) we address mindsets all the time.  Today we were talking about anger in 1st grade classrooms.  I asked the kids what pushed their buttons---an anger button is when something happens that causes an immediate anger, just like when we push a button and something automatically happens.  We said that there are consequences that go right along with those immediate choices we make when our buttons are pushed.  We talked about the Super Bowl and players getting into a fight and then getting kicked out of the game---consequences for even adults!

So, what do counselors do?  We help kids with their mindsets.  When they are struggling with behaviors, we can talk about their belief system and how we can change or alter that to bring them more success.  Of course, we use kid friendly language that they understand.

What is a mindset that you might need to alter?  I know I can think of a few for myself that would help me to be more positive and feel better as a person.
For example, I found out yesterday that I have a stress fracture in one of the bones in my foot.  Lucky for me (the doctor said) that it is my left foot so it won't affect my driving.  Ha!  Guess who is a 2 foot driver?!  Yep, me!  Guess who is learning to be a 1 foot driver?  ME!