Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Who is your Super Hero?

Character Counts Week and we are focusing on our theme:
Good Character is our Super Power! 
(Thanks for sharing the idea counselor friends!)
Today was dress like your super hero!  There are many we could choose from and it was kind of a challenge to get our little ones at school to understand the concept, especially when Halloween is around the corner.  We had kids dressed up so many ways.  Some dressed like their parents.  One little girl told me she was going to dress like another classmate because she follows class rules so well.  We had policemen and princesses.  Our staff decided it would be fun to dress up like our principal, since him and one of our janitors are the only males in the building! The kids kept saying, "Hi Mr. Jenness!" to all of us.  
So, who is your super hero?  
Who do you look up to?
Who do you see using their good character as a super power on a daily basis?