Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Power of YOU!

Twenty-six 3rd grade girls signed up for a fun evening of finding out about their personal power.  Each girl is different and has their own qualities and traits which make them who they are (just like the fingerprints that are on our t-shirts).  We talked about the power they have and how it is their choice as to how they use their power. It can be in positive ways to make a difference in their lives or to impact others.  We can use our power to be a great friend and to show our character in a positive way.  We also said power can be used in a negative way.  We saw this in the movie we watched at the end of our evening, "Chrissa Stands Strong", an American Girl movie that shows the effects of mean behavior and bullying and how to handle those situations.

We started the evening with an icebreaker finding out who we
 have things in common with.  

Next we did a word find using words that would be great descriptors for us.....we called them our empowerment words.  We had to learn the meanings of some of the words too.

Time to eat!

Mrs. Schuller stopped by to check on her 3rd grade girls!

Subway party subs are soooo good!

Natalie (my daughter) and Miss Julie helped me out!  Couldn't have done it without them!

Time for making our "I am...." canvas.

Using the words from our Empowerment Word Find,
 the girls chose words that describe themselves.

They decorated up the blank canvas to state who they are.

Very creative girls and so many positive comments to each other!

So many cool supplies to choose from.

Giving their "crazy" look after watching "Chrissa Stands Strong".
Then it was time to go home!  What a fun night we had!