Monday, February 3, 2014

Arby's Values

Isn't it funny where you find Character info?  I mean, it is really plastered all over the place, you just have to look for it.  I found this set of Arby's Values on a Kids Meal bag that my daughter had ordered at Arby's.  I thought it was interesting that they shared those values on the kids meal bag.  Maybe they are on other things too and I just didn't notice.  But I found these to be great values for a company to promote.  
Have fun!
Make the most of every day.  Life is meant to be enjoyed!
Make a difference.
Help make life better for those around you.
Dream big!
If you can dream it, you can do it!
Work hard!
Do the best you can, in all that you do.
Get it done!
Set high goals and make them happen!
Play fair!
Always treat others with respect and fairness.

Don't you just love these?
If you were to write down your personal values or family values or maybe your school or classroom values, what would they be?