Friday, January 17, 2014

Julia Cook Rocks S-O Elementary for the 5th time!

Julia was back again to share her newest books and we did it up in style. Since this was her 5th visit to our school we decided to do a little extra. All of our classrooms decorated their doors with a theme of one of her books. I couldn't decide which book to go with since I use all of them. So, I wrote letters to "Kid Counselor" from the person featured in most of her books telling their problem and asking for help.  Of course as a counselor I can easily help these kids because of Julia's books.

Here is Julia standing at my door of letters.

Here is the letter I wrote to Julia thanking her for all her books.

Here are letters from "Eli" from the Can in Cancer book which features our very own 3rd grader, Eli.  It was great to have Julia share "their" book with the students.  STAY STRONG ELI!

We started off our day with an assembly with our 2nd to 4th graders.  To welcome Julia, I presented a gift to her, which was a song I wrote including "stuff" about a number of her books.  Working on getting that made into a YouTube video for all of you to enjoy.

Julia was a HIT!  to say the least.  She even shared with our 5th and 6th graders in the middle school which they loved because they grew up hearing her books during my time in the classroom with them in elementary.
I want to now take you on a tour of our elementary so you can see all the cool doors!
Mrs. Elser's door to the gym and PE classes based on the book My Mom Thinks She's My Volleyball Coach But She's Not.

Mrs. Runia's class had fun showing how their volcano mouth's can sometimes cause a problem.

Mrs. Wedge's 4th grade class told how they have been good friends based on the book 
Making Friendship is an Art.

Mrs. Strandberg's 4th graders shared other things to do than play video games after reading
But It's Just A Game.

Mrs. VanderVeen's Class shared about the Bully B.E.A.N.S. book.

Mrs. Thole's class enjoyed learning about worrying from Wilma Jean the Worry Machine.

Miss Diekevers Soda Pop Head

Julia being a VERB! for Mrs. Schuller's 3rd graders.

Mrs. Helmers 2nd grade class with their Worries for Wilma Jean!

Mrs. Miedema's class took a look at teasing with The Tease Monster.

Mrs. Hansen's class told when they were afraid to Drop.

Mrs. Heyn's got all wrapped up in Bubble Wrap.

Mrs. Jurgens class told about their Volcano Mouths.

Mrs. Ochsendorf's class shared that Friendship is an Art.

Mrs. Tutje's class made a memory tree with Snowflakes.

Mrs. DeJong and Mrs. Mertes classes teamed up to do a friendship bulletin board.

Mrs. Roseberry's class shared their Tattle Tongues.

Mrs. Bevers class told about listening to your good side if you have Sticky Fingers.

Miss Heidi's class is full of cute little boogers--we hope that is the only kind.

Well, that is our hall tour of doors.  It sure was fun to have Julia visit again.  
We were very fortunate to hear her read her newest book which will be released soon on BRAGGING.
Wonder what we will do for the 6th visit she makes?