Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside!

This was on my way to school this morning----yep, that's a MINUS sign in front of the 14!  We seem to be having a bit of a cold spell.  Yesterday it seemed like a heat wave when we topped out at 1bout 15 ABOVE zero!  I got to help do the horse chores and my fingers were FREEZING by the time I finished hauling bales of hay and feed out to the hungry horses.  Sure glad I get to go inside---but it doesn't seem to bother the horses.  
So, what do the kids say about it at school---
oh, lots of  "Burrr!  It's a cold one today!"
"Is recess inside or outside today?"  (The answer is definitely INSIDE!)
"Our car didn't want to start Mrs. K."  (Gee, I didn't either!)

The good thing is, when we arrive in the school, we seem to forget about the cold temps outside and feel the warmth of a building to learn in,
the warmth of a smile from a child,
the warmth of a hug from a student who just wants a hug back,
the warmth of a hello.

So even though we journey through this winter we can be so thankful
for all the things that warm us up---BECAUSE
Baby it's WARM INSIDE!!!