Thursday, November 14, 2013

Secret Society of Kind Kids!

I have spent this week reading the book "The Invisible Boy" by Trudy Ludwig to my classes.  We talked about what would make someone feel like they were invisible.  The kids responded with a variety of answers including: 
being left out,
 when you talk to someone and they don't answer, 
when people don't want to be your partner in the room, 
when people talk about things and don't include you in the conversation, 
when people walk past you in the hall and they don't say hi.  
Then we read the story.  The kids were able to see how just one person could make a difference for making someone feel accepted.  We then talked about what we can do so people won't feel invisible.  Responses:  
ask them to play at recess,
 ask them to be your partner on a project, 
say hi, 
help them if they are hurt, 
stick up for them, 
ask them to be your friend, 
invite them over or to the park.
Then the fun began.  I asked kids if they liked to play Tag.  Of course all the hands went up immediately.  Then I explained that we would be playing a different kind of Tag. 

This is an experiment of anonymous kindness.  Each of the students would receive 4 tags---SMILE tags that explained that the recipient had been tagged by an anonymous act of kindness and that now it is their turn to pass on the kindness.  I then explained to the kids that they are officially members of the Secret Society of the Kind Kids.  In order to stay in this membership, they would need to do kind deeds without recognition, anonymously. cool was it to hear how these kids were being so sneaky to do the kind deeds.  The best part was how one classroom teacher shared how excited her students were to receive a SMILE Tag and not think about what was done for them, but what they were going to do now to pass it on!  RIGHT ON!  Doesn't KINDNESS FEEL GREAT?!  
You can print your own SMILE tags and have fun spreading some kindness too.