Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What is your DREAM?

Dream It!  Believe  It!

About a month ago we had a great assembly called 8 to Great presented by MK Mueller.  I have been using the information to help kids get on the path to reaching their goals and dreams.  Today was one of those days where I had the opportunity to put into practice some of the steps that MK taught us.
What I did with this young person is what any of us could do.
I had him share what his dream is.
Then I had him stand up and imagine it.
I cheered him on as his "coach" who would be someone in his future dream.
I saw an amazing smile come across his face as he pictured it!
WOW!!! I know he wasn't the only one feeling great!
After that we sat down and talked about what it was going to take to get to that dream.
Is it just going to fall out of the sky and happen?  I don't think so.
We talked about what changes he needs to make in his actions and thoughts to make it happen.
The next thing we did was we started his gratitude list.  
I told him every day he is going to come in and tell me his 3 gratitudes, with no repeats!
He has some awesome gratitudes to list today!  WAY TO GO!!!!
We had a great visit and I really believe he is on his way to a better tomorrow than when he walked in.
That is the cool part of my job!
I get to encourage and pump kids up!

As I was gathering some info for another class, I came across this video and I can't wait to share it with my student tomorrow when he comes in to list his 3 Gratitudes.
I hope you will enjoy it also and be inspired by it.

The path to our dreams is not straight.  We climb and fall and climb and fall.  Every time we fall we gather knowledge and strength to get up and climb again.

What is your dream?  What are you doing to reach it?  Have you fallen lately trying to reach it?
If so, don't give up.   KEEP  TRYING!  PRESS ON!