Friday, October 18, 2013

The Invisible Boy book review!

I was so excited to receive my copy of Trudy Ludwig's latest book, The Invisible Boy.  I loved the story of how this young boy, Brian, is overlooked by so everyone is his class.  Even his teacher has a difficult time noticing him because she is so busy dealing with "behaviors" of other students.  Recess and lunch aren't fun for Brian because even though he is present, he isn't.  Not to the rest of the kids anyway.  I love so many things about this book....
* The title---says it all!  It is exactly how someone who is not noticed or acknowledged feels.  Invisible.
*How one person changes things----isn't it amazing when we think about the power of one?  In this story one person makes a huge difference for Brian.  This can show kids how much power they have to help someone else.
*EMPATHY!---I was reminded this summer at a conference how important it is to teach kids empathy.  I think this book does exactly that!  Trying to put themselves in someone else's shoes and see how they feel.  Teaching empathy can change so many negative ways that kids treat others.
*Exclusion---it teaches kids what exclusion looks like but then takes them to how easy it is to include someone also!
Can't wait to share this with my students!!!!!

Trudy has generously given a book to me to GIVE AWAY!!!!  So, if you would like to win a copy of this book all you have to do is enter....

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