Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy on a Stick!

I love to do things out of the ordinary---I guess I could be called a Risk Taker.  So this year when it was time for school photos I decided to "jazz up my smile"  with my "smile on a stick".  It wasn't that I was feeling sad that day, I was actually feeling like having a little fun.  AND that is just what I did.  When the photographer had everything set and said smile, I quick stuck my smile on a stick up and CLICK---it was captured.  We all had a good laugh and they promised me that it would be printed!  GREAT I thought!  A picture I am very pleased to hand out because it gets great responses from people.
So today I was talking to a counselor friend from a neighboring district and she told me how she enjoys reading my blog---guess what?  This one's for you Kim!  Hope you are having a Happy Day and if not, just get a happy on a stick and enjoy the looks and laughs!
Take a risk!