Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Trudy's Toolbelt for handling bullies!

When Trudy Ludwig visited our school, she introduced us to her toolbelt for handling bullies.  Since then, we have used these as our way to help kids learn how to handle a bully or even someone who is just being mean to them.  I hope they work for you too.
So....thank you to Trudy, for helping kids all over.

Tool #1:
Tool #1:  STOP!  Look the kid in the eye and tell him to stop talking to you that way.

Tool #2:

Tool #2:  Why? Why? Why?  Ask a “why”  question  after someone says something mean to you.  It distracts the kid who is trying to push your buttons.

Tool #3:

Tool #3:  Walk Away .  If someone is being mean to you, you don’t have to stand there and take it.  Walk or run to a safe place and hang out with grown-ups and kids you trust.

Tool #4:

Tool #4:  So, Whatever, Huh, Who cares?  Say one or two words in a neutral tone.  make sure your words aren’t cruel or hurtful.

Tool #5:

Tool #5  Change the Subject--Distract the kid by talking calmly about other things.

Tool #6:

Tool # 6 Act Silly or Goofy.  Use humor in a harmless way.  Don’t put someone down to build yourself up.

Tool #7:

Tool #7:  Turn an Insult into a compliment--turn the negative into something positive--ONLY if it doesn’t bother you to do this.

Tool #8:

ool #8--Agree with the bully--Go along with what the kid says--- ONLY if you don’t feel bad doing this.

The best way to understand these tools, is to read Trudy's book, Confessions of a Former Bully. The book is packed full of information on how to handle a bully---what to do and what not to do. I would recommend this book for all girls in grades 2-8. They can be printed out and hung in a child's locker at school or inside their notebook--right where they need them when they aren't sure what to do and they are in the middle of a tough friend situation.

Remember, we are responsible for our actions and words. All of the above tools help you act as a person of character.