Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Word power, part 2

I just attended a parent seminar tonight that was sponsored by our county ministerial association. I was excited to see that it was well attended. The presenter was Jim Garnett from Ankeny, Iowa. He is a certified trainer for Smart Discipline. He presented a plan for parents to use to help get their kids to make good choices and what they can do when they don't make good choices. He had shared a tool to use by using a chart and taking away privileges when they do things wrong. I almost said "Amen!", When he said that kids feel that toys, going places, tv, etc, are God given rights. Of course good parents know better and realize they are privileges.

The second part of his program talked about the power of our words. (Is that a coincidence that I just wrote about that in my last blog?) He shared a couple of great quotes that I felt we're good to share:
1. Children have a tendency to become what we think they are.
2. "We do what we know, but once we know better we ought to do better." Dr. Phil. (I may have to paint this one on my wall!)

He also shared the following 3 L's as the steps to follow with your kids when choosing the words you use:
1. List--create a list of the character traits you want your children to have (What a great plug for character counts!)
2. Look--watch your kids and catch them when they exhibit these traits
3. Label--use the power of your words and label that child when you "catch them" --for example, say to them, "I noticed how honest you were about breaking the vase. You are an honest child. When a kid hears a label, they don't weight it for accuracy. They believe it. Even when it is negative. Be sure you are using words that are not going to leave an emotional scar on your child.