Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ripple Effect--Each Kindness Book Review

Sometimes we do kind deeds and they go unnoticed.  And sometimes we never do see or know of the effects of a kind deed or act.  Well, I have to say that the librarians at our school and our public library are always watching our for me.  Let me share....
Our school librarians were going through a shelf full of books that I consider in the "self-help" section of Barnes and Nobles or Amazon or wherever  you shop for books.  Anyway, they had them in a special section in the library for teachers and myself to check out as students might need them.  They told me they weren't getting much off the shelf time so they chose to share them with me on my shelves since I might find use for them easier.  I already shared one book with a student---who, by the way loved it and can't wait to read the last 3 chapters next week with me when she comes back.  It was a book about divorce and it opened up some great conversation for us as to how she felt during her parent's divorce.  This is where the ripple effect takes place---the books they passed on to me are going to help many kids who in turn can share with their families and friends about what they learned.  Below you will see the stack they shared with me.  THANKS to Mrs. Earll and Mrs. Pedley!

The Sibley Public librarians shared that they had a new book they thought I might like to share with my students.  I trotted right down there to pick it up and I loved it!  I am anxious to share it with my students this week.  The book is called "Each Kindness" by Jacqueline Woodson.

What I loved about this book is that it opens itself up to some great discussion on how we treat others.  AND that it doesn't have to be big ways to show kindness but little things too.  The story is about a new girl to school who is not accepted by others because of her "used clothing".  The new girl, Maya, continues day after day to be kind and maybe just try to fit in but is ignored and rejected.  It isn't until she doesn't return to school that one girl in particular realizes that she didn't do anything kind to help Maya feel welcome.  The teacher in the story has a great classroom lesson that involves the students dropping a pebble into water to see a ripple effect.  She explains that is what our kind deeds and actions to others have.  What a great way to teach kindness to any classroom!  And THANKS to the librarians for sharing it with me---the ripple effect of this book will touch all of my kiddos here at school as I share it with them.  I am definitely adding it to my Wish List but know where I can find it if I need it.

What ripples have you started lately?
AND think of the effect those ripples will have on others!