Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lessons from Dakota

Dakota is the wolf who has taught the 3rd graders many lessons this year.
It has been great reading about the different adventures Dakota ends up on and the animals he meets in the forest.  The students have learned many things from Dakota.  Our lesson topics have included:
Spreading Rumors (from the foxes)
Bullying (Bobbie the Bobcat)
Understanding Differences (Sammy the Skunk)
Discovering Personal Strength (Grinner the Flying Squirrel)
Grief and Loss (Dakota loses his friend Nakoma)
Resolving conflict, sharing, taking turns (Badger the Badger)
Prejudice (Nikki the Wolfdog)
Fearing the Unknown (Dakota faces his greatest fear--humans)

The class also learned to work as a team in their Wolf Packs.  It was cool to see how they bonded as a group and got to know each other better.  They also worked cooperatively very well.

Today was the recognition for completing Dakota's program.  The kids received their certificates and were able to meet in their wolf packs one last time.  I can't say "all good things must come to an end" with this.  BECAUSE they will carry what they learned from Dakota with them forever.