Friday, April 26, 2013


Are you ever amazed what we can learn from kids?
I sure am!
Today I learned that it was a whole lot more fun going out to recess and playing soccer than staying in my office to do some computer work (which by the way was patiently waiting for me upon my return).
From my recess soccer game today I learned: 
*that I had fun getting on the team that wasn't doing so well.
*that the kids were doing a great job playing by the rules.
*that the kids were showing great sportsmanship!
(I even got some high fives!)
*that 2:00 recess energizes you more than a diet Coke!
*that I could compete with 4th grade boys!
*how it felt to be a kid again!
*teamwork is awesome!
*that I need to improve judging a soccer ball flying at me.
*I still have a pretty good kick.

So, take time to "play soccer" today with a kid.
It might not be actually playing soccer, it might be going fishing, playing catch, shooting hoops, jumping rope, or just going for a walk.  You will be amazed what you learn and just how good it feels!

PS--Thanks to Riley R. for inviting me out!  YOU ROCK RILEY!

PPSS--I can't wait until next recess!