Saturday, March 2, 2013

What would you do?

Do you ever find yourself in situations where you need to speak up and show you have made a mistake?    This happens like daily!!!! it seems!  Geesh, we can always be making choices that show we can make decisions and choices which show that we are people of character.  BUT sometimes, if no one catches the mistake, a small error, does it really matter to speak up?  I want to share how I witnessed character in actions today.
I had my daughter, Natalie, at an Archery Tournament today.  She was in a group of 5 youth during their round---in other words, they were grouped to score each other.  Natalie added up one set of the score cards and one of the other participants added up the 2nd set of score cards (which are to match up).  Well, the scores were totaled, signed and ready to turn in.  One of the participants in Natalie's group came over and shared that the total he got was one less than what Natalie had added up for him.  Sure enough, we re-added and we had made an error--Natalie had given him an extra point.  It didn't make a difference in placing, but it did show his character---he was willing to say, "I have a lower score than what you are turning in."  WOW!!!  I had to shake this 11 year old boys hand and tell him that his honesty shows he has good character.  I just love it when stuff like this happens!