Thursday, March 28, 2013

PreK Citizenship Heroes!!!!

Never underestimate a bunch of young kiddos---like about 18 PreK kids who put on their 5th annual PreK Citizenship-athon!  The first 4 events were Puzzle-a-thons.   Kids would get pledges for so much money per puzzle piece that they put together.  Some donated a penny a piece and others on up to 25 cents a puzzle piece.  All pieces were kept track on their puzzle piece necklaces they wore during the day.  Totals were tallied and participants let their sponsors know how much to pay in.  This year the teachers decided to do things a little different as puzzles weren't something all students could do.  So..... they opted to do a Hall Walk.  AND walk they did around the S-O HS and MS hall loop.  I was told by a reliable source that the most the kids walked was 4 MILES!!!!  Each student had their own team.   Some gave themselves a name or theme and walked as families or friends.  Some kids brought in a flat donation amount from people and others had pledges based on how many laps they did.  A 2nd grade student who is the sister of one of the kids donated a penny for each lap out of her own money! 

Team Daniel had a duct tape theme!

Team Ben with the Duck Dynasty 

Team Kyler with an Iowa State Cyclone Team!

The cool thing is that the class voted on what the funds raised would go for.  The following choices were what they voted on:

Choice #1:  Brendan's mom (Brendan is a student in the class) who has cancer and could use the money for her treatment costs
Choice # 2:  Toys for our classroom
Choice #3:  money to help Barb N (a volunteer for their classroom) get a new wheelchair
Choice #4:  iPads for the classroom
Choice #5:  Josiah's swing (a student in the classroom who needs a swing)
Choice #6:  a pizza party for the class

The class discussed how they could help others or help themselves and took a vote.  The winning votes went to:
Brendan's Mom
Josiah's swing
Barb's wheelchair

Is that great character or WHAT?   Thinking of the needs of others and then pulling together to "git' er done!'
AND that is exactly what they did---to the tune of a whopping
Each recipient will receive $800 and the other $50 will go towards another project they decide on.

I say "Hat's off to PreK!" and you rock at citizenship!

Your big sister is proud of you Miss Heidi!  Love ya, Mrs. K