Thursday, March 7, 2013

Character Counts Rally!

It was Character Counts Rally today,  FINALLY!  During our Character Counts Week, which was a couple of weeks ago, the Rally was rescheduled---late start because of weather and other reasons.  ANYWAY....we had the rally today!  And did we HAVE FUN!!!  This year we decided to have some class competitions.  Each class sent some representatives down to have some "good clean fun" and the rest of us cheered them on!  Here are some of the fun games we played.


Blow fish--using a a straw they had to blow fish into the bucket.

1st Grade

Marshmallow Catch--one person tossed marshmallows to their team mate who tried to catch them.

2nd grade

Worm diving---kids had to get a gummy word wet and then try to catch a pretzel and eat it.  They had one minute and one student did eat all three pretzels in that amount of time!

3rd grade

Bubble Blowers had to blow bubbles into a hoop.  This took a lot of "wind power".

4th grade

Carpet Ride---was done by the 4th grade girls against the 4th grade boys.  Lots of "bootie scootin'" goin' on here!

We finished the rally with the 4th grade leading all the classes in The "Six Simple Words"!

WOW!!! What fun!  and excitement! packed into one gym!

Way to show your character kids!

(PS--It was Pajama Day for those viewing this who are wondering why the kids are wearing pj's to school.)