Sunday, March 3, 2013

"Beading" Bullying :)

I have a group of 4th grade girls (all from Mrs. Strandberg's class) who have been on a mission to STAND UP TO BULLYING.
Every school has bullies and every school has kids who aren't bullies but choose mean behavior at times.  Blame it on a bad day or whatever, it is still a choice.  It might be a mean look, leaving someone out, gossip or pushing someone.  Well, these girls ended up in my office earlier this year and we had a "long talk".  I gave them the choices:
1.  I take care of the problem and talk to whoever is being mean.
2. We ignore and hope it stops!
3.  I teach them some skills to empower themselves to handle the situations when they arise.

Being the smart girls they are....they took #3.

So....we have been discussing situations that come up and ways to handle them.  We have role played, brainstormed ideas, laughed and really pulled together for a cause.
Well....Robin from the local newspaper (Ocheyedan Press-Melvin News) was visiting with me about what is going on in school that we should put in the paper and I happened to mention this group.  That is all it see, Robin has a BIG heart for bully prevention and loves our G.I.R.L.S. Empowered activities we have done over the past few years.  So...she suggested helping the girls create some jewelry to sell to help raise money for t-shirts (Operation Stand UP---OSU for short).  Robin has a jewelry making business with her friend Beccie.  Long story short, we set a date and spent an evening "beading" ... making keychains and bracelets.  But that isn't all they did!  Robin and Beccie also helped the girls come up with this fun little "sound off" to spread the word.  I know you will enjoy it too.