Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wild About Good Character

I had to get my door all jazzed up for Character Counts Week which we celebrated last week.  Our theme was "Wild for Good Character" as we went with an animal theme.  I already shared how Julia Cook kicked off our week by sharing her new books with the students.  That was a great way to start our week because our students LOVE Julia!

Something new we did this year was to give each of our teachers a bag of Good Character Tokens which we got from Oriental Trading.  Each teacher got to choose how they used the tokens in their classroom.  Our "specials teachers" (music, PE, and guidance) as well as our associates also got in on the fun as they will be continuing recognizing kids this week with Good Character Mini Buttons.  We will pass those out to kids when we "catch them showing their good character" around school.

Our finale for the week was to be our Character Rally which was postponed for a different time---we had a late start for school because of snow and that kind of throws the whole day off so we will have it a different time.    I will report on that later with some great photos of what takes place.

I love that we do Character Counts Week just as a reminder of how important Character Education is for our kids at school.  As I write this today I should be in Friendswood, TX with Barbara Gruener, from The Corner on Character.  We had plans for me to visit her school in January which were changed because of an accident she was in.  So....we made new plans for me to go on the Feb. 23.  This time we had to change because I was sick---and I doubt anyone on the plane would have given me  a friendly smile with me coughing the way I was.  So we will make new plans again----my mom used to say, "Good things come to those who wait."  Wait I will!  My point is that Barbara has been my biggest source of Character Counts "stuff".  I hope you find the many resources that are out there and grab hold of them and build that Character program in your school, home or community!  Like I say to my students, "Make your character count!"