Friday, February 8, 2013

School Counseling Week--Day 5

This has been so much fun making the daily videos for all of you to watch.  I hope you have enjoyed them.  Today I will be gathering up the change that was brought in from our Penny-a-thon.  It will be going to M.A.D.D. in honor of my counselor friend, Barbara Gruener, who was a victim of a drunk driving accident in January.  She has shared so many great ideas with others and our school has definitely benefited from her creativity and willingness to share.  So....this is our way of saying, "Thanks Barbara!"  Her accident gave me the opportunity to talk to my students about choices and how the choices we make affect other people as well as ourselves.  So here is a shout out to Barbara:  "Hang in there!  Your awesome ability to share has a gigantic ripple effect and we have benefitted!"

Hope you all have a great day!