Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Power of Words

We have been busy talking about being Bucket Fillers at school this week.  On Monday we talked in Kindergarten and today in 1st grade.  The students enjoyed the book How Full Is Your Bucket? for Kids by Tom Rath.   We gave examples of ways that buckets are filled and ways they are dipped from.  It was great to hear the students give examples of some of our character traits---kindness, caring, encouraging, courtesy, thoughtfulness, trustworthiness, respectfulness, etc.  We talked about how everyone has an imaginary bucket---even parents, siblings, teachers and PETS!!!!  The kindergarten kiddos faces actually lit up and were full of excitement to share a kind word, compliment or encouragement with another classmate and see how it filled their buckets!  AND they were having fun sharing Bucket Filler cards with each other!

I thought it was interesting that today the weekly message from Michael Josephson was about words as weapons.  I hope you take a moment to read or listen to it here.   I think if we were actually able to see those words as they come out of our mouths and how they hurt others it might make us think about what we say to others.  Watch this video on How Words Can Hurt.

I have a couple of favorite posters I have seen.  One  includes the quote about how strong our tongue is and the other about THINKing before we speak.  I hope you find these helpful and can pass them  on to others.