Friday, February 8, 2013

National School Counseling Week Link Party

I had so much fun this week getting my students to enjoy NSCW!  This was the first year I really did anything in my building.  I mainly did 3 activities:
                  Activity #1:  I did a Daily Video Message and sent it out to each classroom.  The students and staff had fun watching them.  Each message I used ideas from the ASCA website and also made up some of my own.  I also did a daily challenge for my students.  The video that was the biggest hit was the song I wrote to the tune of YMCA.  Click here to watch it on YouTube.

                  Activity #2:  I held a Penny-a-thon with the money raised going to MADD in honor of my friend Barbara Gruener who was hit by a drunk driver in January.  The kids had a great time bringing in their pennies.  I offered a prize to the class who brought in the most "pennies".  The winning class will receive an EXTRA 30 minute guidance class packed full of FUN!!!

                  Activity #3:  To thank my staff for promoting the videos and the penny-a-thon, I thanked them with a table full of fresh fruit, chocolate dip, crackers and spinach dip.  They loved it and it was a great healthy way to say thanks for all they do to help make my job easier.

This week has been a blast!!!!  I had so many great comments from my students on the videos and requests to make more. goal is to do a weekly video message.  I will post them on my blog to share when they are finished.  I also learned so many great ideas from other school counselors that I can't wait for next year when we celebrate NSCW!