Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Idea Fair

In 2nd Grade I use Auto B Good lessons to teach the students about good character.  THEY LOVE THEM!!!!!  One of the lessons we had was about  Truthfulness.  In the teachers guide was an added idea about having an Idea Fair, much the same as the characters in the story had.  So....I challenged our students to come up with an ideas on how to make our school an even better school than it already is.  Each group (Pit Crew) in the classes had to come up with something that they thought would make our school a great school.  I was amazed at the awesome ideas they came up with.  After MUCH hard work, today was the day to show them off to parents and other classes.  People could tour the 4 different classrooms to hear the group present their ideas.  They were given "one voting token" as they entered the classroom to vote for what they thought was the best idea in that room.  I am going to share with you the top votes from each room in this blog, but if you would like to see the others, please check out my webpage.  (After March 1)  The names of the Pitcrews is listed below their pictures with a description of their idea.

The Character Racers

Codie, Gannon, Kaisha and Jadyn decided we needed new equipment on the playground.  They planned to fund the cost by selling lemonade at lemonade stands.  They are in Mrs. Hansen's room.

Lightening Bolt

Dawson, Madison, Lexi and Owen's group came up with ways to recycle and keep our playground clean.  They are in Mrs. TenNapel's classroom.  (Codie and his mom are visiting this group.)

Thunder Strikers

Marissa, Caleb, Morgan and Jonathon's group decided that we needed to focus on kind words and practicing using kind words if we had trouble with that.  (Mrs. Thole from 3rd grade is listening to their group.)

Squeal Mobile

Thomas, Alayna, Estrella, Tony and Olivia's group named their idea "More Stuff for Handy Caps".  They decided that their group member , Olivia, who is in a wheel chair, doesn't have anything that she can do on the playground except to be pushed in her chair down the sidewalk.  They want more some equipment that Olivia can use to give her a chance to play "like the other kids".  It is kind of hard to hear as Thomas is explaining the piece of equipment they want for Olivia, but if you listen and look you can see all the group members and hear how much "commotion" was going on in the room during the sharing time.  This group had the most points of all the groups!

A HUGE shout out to all of the groups for their hard work and great imagination.  Keep using your creativity to make our world a better place.