Monday, February 11, 2013

DOGS on the Morning Show

How cool was it that we had a 2 hours late start and were able to catch the NBC Morning Show.  This morning they did an awesome story on WatchDOGS!   It was great to hear the dads that were interviewed about volunteering in their kids schools.  We are SO fortunate to have started our own WatchDOGS chapter at our school this past fall.  As of this week here are our WatchDOGS stats:
                                                   25 dads (one was a grandpa!)
                            33 days with a WatchDOG volunteer (1 dad has volunteered 6 times!)
                                              that converts to 247.5 volunteer hours!
                                                DOGS work directly with students!
                        IS THIS COOL OR WHAT????
                          Above is the WatchDOGS dad who has volunteered 6 DAYS so far!

If you want to find out more about our WatchDOGS program, contact Mrs. K at the elementary or click here.  Be sure to check out the NBC morning show by clicking here.