Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Top #5 Welcome Back List!

It was great to get back to school today and see all the kids!  Even though I totally enjoyed the long break--relaxing, baking, Farkle championships, hanging out with family, .....---I was glad to be back.  Top 5 list of things I heard/experienced today:
             #1.  "Mrs. K, how about if we all give you a hug?"  (said by a 1st grader during classroom
             #2.  "Mrs. K, I was wondering if I could volunteer to be a WATCH DOG next week." (said by a grandpa of a 2nd grader!) and "Hey Mrs. K--wondered when you need me to be a WATCH DOG again? (said by a dad of a 2nd grade and 4th grade boys)---VOLUNTEERS---WE LOVE THEM!!!!
            #3. A 3rd grade boy helping translate for another student who doesn't speak English and helping him feel accepted!  (Character in ACTION!!!)
            #4.   "Mrs. K, I got a great book about bullying for Christmas and want to share it with you as
soon as I'm done reading it.  It's really good." (said by a 3rd grade girl)
            #5.  "Mrs. K, I would like to serve on the Character Counts Advisory Council." (e-mailed from 4 staff members!)