Thursday, January 31, 2013

Charlie the Caterpillar: Friendship

One of my 4th grade teachers, Mrs. Strandberg,  shared a great book with me today that she had come across in her guided reading group.  I had to sit down as soon as I had a few minutes to read it.  I LOVED it!!!!  What a great and simple way to share kindness and the true meaning of friendship.  Maybe my friend was thinking of her own little Charlie who was born early and hopes that he never experiences meanness like Charlie the caterpillar did in the story. So many times we don't think about how our words can make another feel and Charlie kept hearing the same words over and over...."you are ugly".  Kids come and tell me all the time about mean things that others have said to them---hurtful words about their skin color, wearing glasses, clothes and the list goes on forever!   I recommend Charlie the Caterpillar by Dom Deluise  to you.  Enjoy!  (and thanks Mrs. Strandberg for sharing!)