Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Out of the mouths of babes!

I am in the 1st grade for classroom guidance and one of the students says to me, "Will you  bring your 'catapillar' again-- I like that."  I was so confused!  A caterpillar?  Gee, I did have one that I brought a couple years ago but I always change things up so my caterpillar had gone into his cocoon for awhile.  I asked the boy again and he again said, "You know, your 'catapillar'."  When I looked confused he added, "When you teach us about making good choices."  Of course, the CHARACTER PILLARS!  How excited I was to know that this young boy desired to hear another character story and learn about another "catapillar" (character pillar).

Even though we seem to be pushed in the direction of making the grade on our standardized tests....I will still put in my plea for character education!  This is what makes people the kind of people we want to work and play with!