Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hero Dads!

We started a WatchDOGS program at our school this year.  I have to admit, it has been a great experience. You may be asking what a Watch DOGS program is.  Well, it stands for Dads Of Great Students.  Dads volunteer to spend a day at school interacting with the kids.  They have done everything from reading with them, helping with math, flashcards, computer work, recess and PE.  The dads always spend part of their day in their own child's classroom and eating lunch with their child.  The part I love the most is watching the kids look at the "Wall of Fame" where the DOGS are pictured with their child.  I hear things like, "Oh, I know him and him!"  "Hey that's my friends' dad." and "Hey, he was cool!"

You may ask what is the main reason for the program.  Well, it is to have another set of eyes at school.  These dads greet kids in the morning, go to recess, patrol the halls and grounds, eat lunch with them and help them with their school work.  It helps keep our school a safe place to be.

It is interesting also to have another positive male figure in the lives of our kids.  We all have kids in school who don't have that male in their lives.  This gives them someone they can connect with.
It is also fun to hear what the dads have to say at the end of their day.  Some are exhausted when they get home.  Most all of them say they "felt like a rock star" because all the kids want to be around them and high five them.
And are the kids ever proud of their dads!   

For more information, go to the National Center for Fathering website.  If you check out that site now, you can download a free e-book made just for dads.  While you are there you can also check out their articles.  I especially like this one on dad's as models.

Raising kids is so rewarding but can also have those challenges.  Just remember, our kids are watching us all the time.  They want to be just like us!  Enjoy "Watching You" by Rodney Atkins.