Sunday, December 9, 2012

Have You Touched A Heart Today? by guest Barbara Gruener

Welcome Barbara Gruener!
I have a guest blog today from Barbara at The Corner on Character.  I have followed her blog for quite some time as well as her school website.  She has shared so many awesome things that my students have benefited from.  I know you will benefit also from her "guest entry" below.  Be sure to check her out and follow her!

Have You Touched A Heart Today? by Barbara Gruener

Hello from Barbara at The Corner on Character! I was so excited when Mrs. K, my new friend, asked if she could feature me on her new blog. I've been reading through her posts and the Day Maker totally touched my heart. What fun to give and to receive, a bouquet of flowers from "guess who?" so cleverly disguised to add intrigue and make it a mystery! So I was inspired by Kim to use my guest post opportunity to share some other clever ways (many of which are no cost or low cost) for young and old alike to touch hearts by giving.

1. Bookmark It: Make cheery bookmarks and put them in unexpected places: Inside a book at the library, under a windshield wiper, on an office chair. What fun it is to find that someone took the time to give you a reason to smile today ... and every time they use that bookmark.

2. Blind Affirmations: Cut out hearts from red construction paper and write affirmations that you don’t sign. Tape them on doors around school - or on the mirror at the house - so that the target of your appreciation finds it when they least expect it. Won't that warm some hearts?

3. The Gift of Music: If you've got a musical skill, take it on the road and sing or play for someone. Get permission to carol down the halls at school, grab some friends and go door-to-door in your neighborhood, or schedule an event with a local retirement facility. Music enhances mood for the giver and recipient.

4. Medicinal Cheer: Draw "get-well" cards that local pharmacies can attach to their patients' prescription bags. Who wouldn't feel better faster knowing that someone is thinking about them and sending positive thoughts! 

5. Baked Goods: If you've got some time and a little talent in the kitchen, why not dust off that old recipe and whip up a batch of grandma's Cornflake Cookies or another family favorite to put in baggies and leave on desks around school or in the office. Nothing says, "You matter to me!" like something freshly-made from scratch.

How have you touched a heart today?