Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Grief Is Like A Snowflake

Grief is Like a Snowflake....
Last night we had a very special time at our family grief group.  I decided to do something different this year and have a grief group for students to bring their family members along to.  It was very special.  I used the book "Grief is Like a Snowflake" by Julia Cook.  I used activities from the activity book that goes along with this book.  First we made snowflakes out of a white piece of paper folding and snipping.  Then I asked everyone to find another snowflake just like theirs.  Of course, no one could.  This was when I explained that the way we experience grief is just as different for everyone as their snowflakes are.
          Next I read the book to the group.  What a great story of a fir tree whose father tree has left them.  After we read the story everyone picked out a snowflake ornament to paint.  When the snowflakes were drying, we did another activity where we made ice cream sundaes.  For each part of the sundae the participants shared something about their special person who had died.  The more they shared the more smiles I saw appearing as they told about special memories.
          Now the snowflakes were dry and everyone started putting the names of their loved ones on them.  When they were finished with this, we passed around a bowl of lifesavers.  Everyone pulled out a few lifesavers and for each one shared people who were their support when they needed someone.  We finished the evening by everyone receiving a Memory Book for them to fill out at home with their family and a copy of Julia Cook's book, "Grief is Like a Snowflake".
        Looking back on the evening I feel so good about changing my grief group to a family group.  Grief is a process and a journey and when we have support from family and friends, the process doesn't seem as bad.

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