Thursday, December 20, 2012

"A Most Mizerable Christmas"

I stumbled on something today and used it with my students.  I found the site and found all kinds of great books to use for FREE!!!!  Gotta love that!  the one I shared today was "A Mizerable Christmas".  It was written by Mick Foley who is involved with WWE.  Now I am not a big WWE follower but I found out that a LOT of my students are and they fell in love with the book.  The story focuses on a boy in school who is a bully.  A new kid moves in and he manages to bully him too, but the new kid is too smart for Miz (the bully).

I loved this book because it teaches so many lessons:
*bully topics
*appreciating what you have
*friendship is a gift
*how to treat others

When I asked my students what they learned from the story, they just kept raising their hands and I kept calling on them and the ideas just kept coming!  Great holiday read and probably one I will want on my bookshelf.