Sunday, November 25, 2012


Well it is back to school tomorrow after a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend.  It was great to visit with friends and relatives, some I haven't seen for  a couple of years.  It is always great to reconnect.  I also love a break because it really re-charges me for school.  It seems like the time from Thanksgiving to Christmas break just flies by so it is always great to focus on what I have planned for my school kiddos.
We will start off tomorrow with one of our WatchDOGS--(Dads Of Great Students).  The kids always get excited about sharing their dad with the other kids at school.  AND it is a great opportunity for the dads to see what goes on in school and get to know other kids in their child's class.  If you haven't heard about the national WatchDOGS program, be sure to check out their site by clicking here.  We have had 15 dads so far starting in October.  Check out the pictures on my webpage.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I was amazed at the creativity of the 2nd grade students today as they worked on their RESPECT projects that went along with our Auto B Good lesson.  They were writing raps, skits and poems.  It was great to see how important it was for them to show respect to others and see it shown at our school.  They love the Auto B Good stories we watch and the lessons that we do with each theme.  I have them divided into groups called Pit Crews they have named themselves.  When it is time to discuss our video or work together in groups I just have to say report to your Pit Crew and off they go anxious to get to work.  I have to thank Barbara Gruener from Corner on Character for the Auto B Good CD  she sent me to use which she was a part in writing.  I am anxious to use the great ideas on the CD with the kids.  THANKS BARBARA!  Be sure to check out the Corner on Character.

Thanks for checking in,
Mrs. K